Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thank goodness, March starts tomorrow. First off my birthday is coming up (can we say hip hip hurrah for golden buckeye, 60 years old yuk) and futhermore this whole month has been a big aggravation....all the snow and mess has kept me locked in the house. My hair is so long I can't even see. My cats don't even recognize me.
My internet is almost non existent...I have satellite, Hughesnet to be precise, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Being a country bumpkin...I can only get dial-up or satellite...I am starting to believe dial-up is better. Please verizon bring your lines a bit closer....I just need a bit, its right down the road. With Hughes something has gotten messed up.....there is something called fair access policy and I can see the reason for no one person hogs up more than their fair share of satellite space....but for 5 years I never went into fair access, now I am there every day! When you are in fair access overload they slow your connection for 24 hours, slow it down so much you can't move on the internet and 3 emails may take over 2 hours to down load. There is no way I am downloading 200mgs a way. So you are still paying for but have no internet to speak of. grrrrrr
Somewhere there is a glitch in the system and it is making me angry. Just maybe they overloaded their satellite with customers.
So I make does keep me sane, kinda. Yesterday I made a new journal cover. It still need a bit of tweeking (a bit more grunge) and assembled but it is started. Hopefully this weather will break and spring will show up, just in time for a craft show...Keep your fingers crossed.
Lets see, I made art and vented to you....yep, I feel better.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look what I captured...... thought just maybe she knew where spring was hiding. Since I am stuck in this house I have been trying a little paint shop work.....more frustration than work, but I did stick that selfish fairy in that mason jar for not sharing spring.
I did get out today to the grocery store yippee..........BIG FUN but if we get the snow we have been promised everyones gona be pretty darn happy mommas got vittles.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dolly Kertes and her CarnationsCheck Spelling yep, along with a wonderful lunch and great conversation last Saturday , Dolly gave me six of these gorgeous hand made and hand painted fabric flowers. She told a charming story about watching her Grandmother make these flowers to put on family graves during the depression. I am so glad she remembered the art and made them again.
Her son-in-law Tom Stevens took the picture, I have been after him to post his nature photographs on a blog for everyone to enjoy......maybe he will find time soon.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saturday Lunch with the Kertes girls
Well girls, lunch was fact it was one of the best days I have had in a very long time.
Food was wonderful and the company was even better. On our way home Scott brought up the fact that it seems like you have always been in our life and he was so right. Thank you.
Tonight is my husbands first night back to work since his heart attack....I really don't think the worry will ever be over, doubt if I will sleep a wink. Oh well, my curtain idea will certainly get worked on this evening.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Some new stuff

I'm so busy right now being a student teacher that I don't have time to make anything, but I'm all excited about some stuff I got around the turn of the new year, and all that pinky-finger creativity is just welling up because it can't wait for the next seven weeks to be over.

The Children's Guide to Knowledge. It's full of fun images waiting to be parts of future collages. For example, the Chickadees:

And I couldn't wish for a better set of HUGE Alphabet Flash Cards - these are the classroom size ones that are almost as big as a piece of 8.5 x 11 inch paper! And they're in only slightly-yellowed condition, with none of that gross disintegrated paper feel:

The lower-case letters are on the back, but I didn't take a photo of them.
And finally, a photo of the McGuffey Reading Charts Sign that I pilfered from the bookstore in Salem on New Year's Eve when it went out of business. It's huge. It's as wide as a couch cushion, as can be seen here:

Having this sign makes me one of the coolest people ever.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Today is my cupcakes birthday! Hard to believe she is 28.....and I have enjoyed every single minute. BOY, when they hand you that baby, you don't even know that is your very best friend. Lucky me.....she is a great partner in crime.....superior minds think alike...and if one of us can't think of a way to get in trouble the other one can. So since the weather is still "iffy" we are heading out to the VFW for some eats and more than likely a drink or two...woo-hoo

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Well, I have cleaned up all the valentine makin' mess and scooped up all the leftovers into a box marked valentine supplies for 1011.....maybe we will do it again next year. I hope so.

This week since it is snowing..surprise...and I am moving into week 4 of isolation.... a new bathroom curtain, pops into my head. This idea has been running around in my itty bitty brain, something totally different, it is just going to take some figuring........but I am going to give it a go. It means another big mess...but that is my middle name and anyway who is going to come in MY DRIVE and visit? the abominable snowman???

Monday, February 15, 2010

Back online........And yes, I paid my bill.....seems there is a limit to the mgbites you can download and some one must be hijacking my satellite signal cause this chick has not been on line to download nutin' I am going to have to block my router.

The swap has come to an end.....and I for one think it was wonderful....

and then....................Angie made and sent these adorable cards.........and then...............she forgot to sign them. What a nut......when you DO good work always make sure you take credit for it!

Look at this spoon lapel pin......where did Bonnie Foit come up with this terrific idea? I would have never thought of is so unique with a twisted handle and a brass rose....if I can ever get out my driveway (snow) it is going to get shown off all over town. Mary Barnes made a decorative heart hanger from an old technique I had taught her and the forgotten about. Well, being the senile "old thing I am,I went as far as to inquire how it was made....dhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....this was her response,

Now dear taught me the technique, silly girl!

See I guess it is common knowledge, I am silly. I had also forgotten how sweet but honest Mary is.

Cathy Kelly is such a good crafter but she never has time to do art....but when she does, it is so worth it. You really need to make time Cathy, it is good for the soul.

This is an original design from a VERY original girl.....Cindy one of my favorite people in the whole world....I feel like she is one of my own......totally sweet and just a little off me.

As if my buddy, Stella hadn't done enough, she sent this very vintage soft and perfect but what was really perfect was the sentiment just explains friendship perfectly.

Last but not honey bunch gave me a mushy outa character for him....must have been all of that wonderful care he received from "ME" nurse bad ass.....I do not take any crap.....follow the rules and all will be fine.....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Did you ever see anything so cute?????
This was in the mailbox yesterday and I have been dying to share it on my blog......and yep, I had no Internet.....again!
Ruby Fisher stitched her way into my heart.....I don't see Ruby to often, in fact hardly at all, but she remains one of my very favorite people and now you can see why. Just a bundle of super sweet talent.
I know these challenges sometimes seem like a lot of work especially when every ones life is so awfully busy, but wow, the way it pushes us. It makes us think, get more creative and work harder....and really it takes me away from the the worries in my everyday life. So thank you friends for the valentine swap, not only am I not getting just bills and junk mail when I see the post lady coming, I am getting a little piece of friends, maybe not seen often but surely not forgotten.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Boy, talk about snow........about 18 inches.....and yep, then power went out for about 34 hours, there were approx. 6000 people with out power in our area.....what a pain.....keeping all three houses, my son and daughter live on the property as well, from freezing up was a challenge. Well, we survived, and all is well that ends well....since we did not have electricity we also did not have Internet so I did not get to blog...New wonderful valentine from my friend Lois....the most adorable angel stamped on a card and placed on an embossed back piece...and then a touch of sparkle. Thank you much, Lois.Chrissy also received a special valentine wish from our friend Stella....Chrissy has a passion for french inspired things so Stella make her a wonderful book enclosed in a metal case, she made it completely by hand (her patience amazes me) she even went so far as to re size and print some french book pages for the inside.
The book was hidden in a card mounted on Styrofoam with a carved niche to house the book....what a great mind. and just what does this mean ???? it is printed on the inside..."old treaures tell a story" she refering to me?????????????? .....and then no words to describe....this that talent or what????
On another note Stella also directed me to a really nice website you might also enjoy....check it out and she is as sweet as she is talented....

I am sure you will find things you love and will add it to your favorites. I did.
I will blog as I get valentines so you can join right in.....that is if I have electric we are expecting another storm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.........fabulous

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yippee, I was absolutely tickled yesterday to find a wonderful valentine in the mail from Stacey Mc Clure, you can visit her blog at
I ran in the house opened the box to find a carefully wrapped bundle tied with a precious tag....this hand stitched, primitive ornie was inside.....complete with arrow and hat pins....simply adorable.

I was so happy and I wanted to share immediately....took a picture and no Internet.....WHAT????
not fair.....let me explain... We live in the boonies so I have no choice but satellite thru hughes net.....not very is at the mercy of weather, clouds, overload, you name it it can stop me.

This afternoon there was another surprise waiting for me.....I just love this game ........

Diane Kertes, a fabulous crafter, she has a real knack for making cards and obviously needlework....did some beautiful stitching too....very primitive cloth hang tag....grunged to perfection..........I love it...........and I love valentines day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

So where are my valentines????? I am waiting.....anyone who knows Jackie knows I am not the best at waiting. Of course I must be honest, the valentines I made are sitting right here on my a bag .... waiting to go to the post office. hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe everyone knows although I promised myself to mail these on the 1st, I did not follow thru and here they sit. My bad.....tomorrow is a new day and I will be a new Jackie