Friday, May 22, 2009

summer is finally here

It is just beautiful here....iris, phlox, and columbine are all showing off this morning. I finally got my porch pots planted and now it is time to sit and enjoy them.

Beeswax had been on my mind...there are two blogs I follow that do wonderful things with it. I felt my projects had been missing a sense of depth and maybe this would help. Dragging out that Ranger melting pot I had purchased a long time ago I popped in some beeswax pellets....and waited....and waited....nutin'.....what the crap???? maybe it was a little ticked I had waited so long to play with it, but it sure wasn't heating up. I asked for advice from Suze Weinberg and got an immediate must be something wrong with the heating element, so I drug out a small old crock pot and it worked. not so easy to work out of but it got the job done. I now see the benefits of the beeswax....a soft glow, dimension, and did I mention I love to smell it.

My daughter Chrissy and I have a friend that is getting married in a wooded setting. Mindy and Dennis wanted some very rustic invitations so Chrissy and I made 30 of them Wednesday night....whew about seven hours. It is very hard for me to do repetition but we hung in there and got them ready to mail. It was a hard night but I really enjoyed working with Chrissy.

well, the weekend is upon us so I better make the cole slaw and pickle some eggs.

Friday, May 8, 2009

It is a rainy ol'day in Ohio....I have zillion plants to get in the ground but mother nature seems to have it in for me. With my hubbys new schedule me and the kittys have been crafting late at night. I work later than I should and of course I wake up with a super huge mess every morning. Oh well, just means I can get started again right away. I found a funky old dress form the other day, it should make a nice piece to display jewelery and doflinkies for the mill show, and don't worry somewhere in this mess I am sure I have made some. I know she seems to be listing a bit to the starboard side.......maybe she likes margaritas as much as I do.

Last night I worked on a canvas piece, before that darn cat talked me into going to bed. It was fun and yes, I had to drag absolutely everything out as far as supplies go. I need to add some more texture but could not get my melting pot to heat up.....I have had it but never used it, so I went to sleep disappointed. Suze Weinberg and jack and cat curio do such wonderful things with beeswax so I will give it another go today, since there won't be any planting of flowers.

boy , am I a crappy photographer.....suggestions, please