Thursday, March 26, 2009

savannah weekend

What could possibly be better than a girl weekend......well, having it in Savannah, of course. This city is the most beautiful inspiring place I have ever been. Even on st. Patrick's weekend it has a calming effect on me. This picture was taken in Bonaventure cemetery on Friday the 13th and with my squeamish daughter along for the ride. Everything was going along as planned and then I promptly ran out of gas in the middle of the cemetery. Beat that for a mother daughter memory. shopping was also on the agenda...our favorite shop was @home vintage general, just a wonderful little shop with the nicest proprietress. We gathered a few treasures and then headed to the cotton exchange tavern for a drinky-poo.... or two. Did I mention it was the biggest st. Patricks celebration in the country? The river walk was packed with revelers, some in costume some in hardly anything, certainly a GOOD TIME.