Monday, January 25, 2010

What a Mess I have Made

yep, that's my table.....I cannot believe I ended up dragging out every craft item I own to make 12 little valentines...........its the pressure.....these are talented girls the mailman is going to be delivering my creations to so I need to put a little extra effort into them.
Here are the first valentines I have received..........

My friend, Stella hand delivered not one but two gifts.....she had gotten sick before Christmas and actually just recovered a holiday present and a valentine came on the same day mixed in with a wonderful visit....

Stella makes the most beautiful rosaries so here is my Christmas is made with Autumn jasper with sterling silver
What can be said but WOW, I love it.As if that wasn't enough, she had my is a locket that resembles a pocket watch and Stella really thought about me when she was making this beauty.....wrist watch parts, a red rose for valentines day, some snipets of paper inside say "art and soul" and the other says "seize the day" this is just my kind of jewelry.....i LOVE anything unusual. So, Jackie and so thoughtful. Thank you Stella.

This morning my husband had a doctors appointment 3 of the artist participating in this swap work in the I got a surprise when I got there Karen was ready.....I am not ready with mine but Karen the little over achiever was ready and waiting with envelope in hand...... and it was wonderful......a little teaser....this is the inside of the card..... :O

Now for the gorgeous outside....Karen is, as I am, a Tim Holtz fan so she distress' to perfection.....wasn't the paper heart doily a great idea....and the vintage clip art is right up my alley....

Thank you Karen, sorry my photo is so blurry....I need some lessons from your hubby in the camera department :O)

So thats it for today.....keep checking in , 10 more valentines to be delivered and I will post them as they arrive...I can harly wait.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, I really want to learn psp.....but every time I open it up and eyes glaze over, the brain fills up with pink fluff and I just close up the program. Still, I cannot help but peek at the wonderful psp works by other people, in fact you could say I am obsessed. one spot I adore is Collage Obsession So when they offered a photo of Sarah Bernhardt and a challenge...I thought, I can do it. Wrong again, opened up the program , opened up the file and pink there will be no submission of this work to the powers that "can do", not on your life. But if some of my smarter buddies out there want to throw hints my way, on PSP, not on how to vaccum the fluff bunnies outa my head, I would love to listen.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

o.k. I am getting in the spirit of Valentines day....have gathered my supplies....cleared my work space and am getting on the ball tomorrow.....I refuse to be a procrastinator this year there will be NO panic on the 12th on February because I WILL be ready for the postman. REALLY !
We had a wonderful weekend....visits from old and new friends...the kind of people you just enjoy spending time with. Hope we have many more days like that. I am adjusting to the extreme hair color Chrissy left me with, and by adjusting I mean I don't shriek every time I pass a mirror. Now , lets be clear, Jackie Ludwig is no better or younger looking, but glow in the dark hair doesn't catch me off guard any longer. Scott is doing better every single day and this morning we went to breakfast with our kids and then I worked on a few art projects. It just don't get any better than that.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

so.........yep, I am a blonde chick......evidently drinking vodka and cranberry is not the only indulgence of last evening.....maybe a tad too much bleach....
but all in all a really great "girls night in"
Funny used to do girls friday night every week...loved it...need to do that again

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

guest blogger yet again...

So mum is not a very good blogger...she calls me a bazillion times with floating little thoughts...BLOG LADY BLOG!!! So we just closed up shop on Chrissy's Salon...we sent the boys over to my little home to watch an 8 hour mini series Into the we had some refreshments (um grey goose not hot cocoa) and ate contraband food my dad cant have but my mum was craving....yes cold lil smokies!!! Hilighting her hair was the task at hand and as I pulled her hair through a cap I thought MWUHAHAHAH I can get back at her yet! While she was lightening I decided to download every song I could think of, and oh what a collection I have. When I create this CD it has a lil of everything...Halleluja Song, Rob Zombie, the Beatles, Paramore, Dr Hook...yes my collection of music is as ADD as i am!!! cocktail could use refreshed...chrissy

Friday, January 8, 2010

OH Whirleygig!! Chrissys Thrilling Thursday

So heres the story morning glory...jim and i were watching antique road show (yes thats right) and had just finished a wonderful segment on antique whirlygigs...when a whirlygig of sorts took off like a space ship in my tummy!!! I started yacking, which jim was thrilled about since he just cleaned up jetta yack...oh the joy of owning a princess of a cat that hates every food on the planet. Speaking of planets, at this point in my evening i had come to the very plausible conclusion that i had aliens dueling in my tummy. After yacking a few hundred times with pain that was blinding we decided to make the trip to the ER in blizzard like conditions!!! Jim was a superb driver...considering the situation: HORRIFIC roads, a girlfriend flopping around like a fish, while dry heaving, while asking for the window up, down, up ok maybe down. Cut scene to the can really get some great service if you are the only one out during a blizzard. After a FULL exam (that doctor really owes me dinner and flowers) all my scenarios...appendicitis, being possessed with the need of an exorcism, and my trusty alien came down to stones!!!! Stonehenge is made of the same size stones that are passing through me...the doctor did not confirm this, but i know what i know what i know. Chrissy!!!

What is it with terrible road conditions and emergencies??? Last night about 11:00 my daughter , Chrissy, started to 100 times in 15 minutes with severe stomach pain.
off to the hospital, normally a 45 minute trip, but last night a 2 hour drive. It seems after oodles of tests it was a bunch of kidney stones. She came home this morning with prescriptions , so keep your fingers crossed that the worse is over

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yep, its cold in Ohio. But not this cold....Jim, my daughters boyfriend loves odd ball hats....and this sure hits the mark. Please know this is all yarn and animals were harmed making this lovely headpiece.
Made our trip to Canton without a hitch this morning, snow,dark of night.....but Scott got a wonderful report......and this was our last visit to the surgeon.....wonderful doctor but the 6:30 a.m. appointments.......... yikes
Next stop.....craft has been way too long my friend. it was strange....sparkles & shiny called my name and I followed....hey, it is valentines day we're takin' about, ya know.
I have two favorite shops, @ home in Savannah and the Blissful in Canton and one is closing........snif.....the owner of the Blissful has other interests. My daughter and I are sure gona miss visiting Abby and drooling over the goodies in her wonderful shop. Next week we will have to stop in check out the sale and say our sad goodbyes.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Thanks for the quick response.......I have heard from several of you guys......about the swap. I will need all names and address' by Jan 14th. that gives everyone a month to get creative. My head is already spinning with ideas.
My crafting has been curtailed by amusing a very bored husband.....and as much as I love him I NEED TO CRAFT so thank goodness for the valentine swap, there can't be any excuses....I gota quit playing cards and dominoes with Scott and get those valentines in the mail.
Wednesday is a Doctor Day for it is off to Canton in the snow. I will try to hit all the craft stores and restock supplies. See, I am already excited and feeling better.
Maybe I will get in this crafting mode and be ready to have a spring open house or craft show. Once I get going I am hard to stop.