Friday, November 5, 2010

Unfortunately my visit to "the keeping room" was not as wonderful as Staces.....My friend Stella drove down from Akron and I drove to Waynesburg to meet her and go shopping. Now Waynesburg is in the middle of nowhere....and there is NOTHING else to do for at least 26 miles in any direction.The hours were posted on the website and the door.... 11:00-4:00 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Hanging right above that was a big fat CLOSED sign, to the left was an explanation that shows were too time consuming and the shop would remain unopened until late November. We peeked in the window and wanted in to spend our money, when in the driveway pulled a vehicle, OH BOY, I was positive the owner would not mind walking the few steps from her residence to the little shop and then driving to the bank with all of our money. Nope a quick rebuff and she went on about her day....and ruining ours. hmmmmm think I will just skip it.