Thursday, August 27, 2009

it is just HOT....especially when your air conditioner goes poof has been about a week and I have cankles....and my fingers look like Vienna sausages. Fat chicks cannot live without it is shopping for me...and not fun stuff like shoes
(as if they would fit right now)
but a big box with something that will keep me cool. yippee....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Freebie Friday

This is the first Friday Freebie. I am going to try to post something of interest every Friday from now on, right here on the Vintage Macaroni blog.

This one's from a 50s Steubenville Herald Star. Back then, the Clare's Cafe was a big thing. That was when Amsterdam wasn't little more than a ghost town.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Finally the very old doors I bought at a garage sale forever ago have a home. I just love them....kinda like me...old ain't always bad.

so my husband went back to was a fun time having him home for 2 months but back to reality....back to my studio, today the doors are going up and the outside light are to be Scott's REAL JOB is interfering with my completion plans. since he has gone back to work that means i have to get to work on items for the Algonquin mill.....the fact that it is in mid-October and I am just starting says a lot about how much fun we had together during this lay off.
so last night after he left for work I started working on a collage idea that kept running around in my head all summer.....worked way past my bedtime and boy, this morning i discovered it was the ugliest thing i had ever it is back to the drawing board.

Friday, August 7, 2009

done......2:00 have i said wow today????
now all scott needs to do is install the door and paint
maybe i will move right in
maybe that was his WHOLE idea

trusses are up and it is only 9:45 , these guys are so focused....

8:21 a.m. boy are these guys fast.......i can see it coming together.....gona have to have a party....
oh and scott wiggled and jiggled things on the frig until it started working...let hope it holds


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well, like Cindy's entry. My yesterday was perfect.....wonderful weather, wonderful company
( thanks Jody )
,and a wonderful visit with old friends......then today it all went to hell in a hand basket........... aren't coming to work on the studio until Friday. guess what I heard it's gona rain!
# 2...... my 3 year old refrigerator went POOP......AGAIN .....this happened under a year ago and was down for 5 weeks and here we go again
#3 We just went grocery shopping everything is being transfered to coolers and we are going 12 miles to get ice. I would use the mini frig Sears gave me for medicine but oh, yeah it never worked....
So its off to call sears again
I had such a wonderful experience last year, I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lucky August

August is a lucky month so far.

Yesterday, what seemed to be a disaster - going to Lawrenceville on Monday and not knowing that all the cool shops on the entire street are closed on Monday - turned into a good day. I found some fabulous stuff at Construction Junction and a new restaurant to boot!

This charming vintage dresser was a steal at $15, and the book cart sitting in front of it - vintage, made of metal, with World Book Encyclopedia printed on the front - was only $5. We found some *free* stuff in someone's trash along Penn Ave., and saw many fabulous things we could not get home, including a vintage white children's picnic table someone was throwing out.

I need a conversion van. One of those ones that can haul either 15 people or mountains of stuff.

My blazer isn't big enough. Especially since my mom never took out the lawn chairs from 4th of July, and all this stuff had to fit in the back yesterday.

For the full version of the story, check out my personal blog over here: Gob Pile.