Friday, November 14, 2008

Some Christmas Spirit

We went to the Fort Steuben Mall tonight to set up our Christmas trees for the 1st annual Magical Festival of Trees.  They had an empty storefront opened for a tree decorating party, and there were quite a few people scurrying around putting together their trees.  

The event is a fundraiser for Big Brother/Big Sister of Jefferson County.  The trees will be on display starting Sunday, and the event continues through the day after Thanksgiving.  

Mall patrons can wander through the trees and view them.  They are all for sale.  There is also a voting event.  Each vote costs one cent - yes!  Only a penny.  

I would love for my literary tree to win.  Just because nobody gets it.  

There are two issues of Plain Spoke back to back for the tree topper.  Blue Paper comes down the tree in a cascade like water, and makes a swirly vignette around the bottom of the trunk.  And then there are bunches and bunches of literary figures wearing Santa hats and riding around the tree in paper boats.  

Pictured here is the Virginia Woolf boat.  

She said she would wear the Santa hat herself.  

I'll be posting more photos in my blog after Sunday.