Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Free Collage Image: Vintage Shoe

I've been scanning vintage shoe images for a Collage Image Set to sell on Etsy, and I decided to offer one of them up here, for free.  Consider it an appetizer.  It's a nice Mary Jane / Pump from the 1940's, taken from a shoe store ad that ran in an Ohio River Valley newspaper in the 1940's era.  The images in the "Dress Ups" set are all from that ad, which was showing the shoe store's Easter collection.  To use the image, save it to your computer, click on the image to open up the larger size, and then save, (Right click, Save as:) and then print it.  This is a high-resolution .png  image, so you can resize it down to whatever size you wish for your collages and art projects using your favorite photo editing software.  You can do whatever you like with the image, even use it in craft projects that you intend to sell.  The only thing I ask is that you do not include it in image sets that you wish to sell because, well, because that would be a bit dishonest.  If you've made something awesome using the image, let me know, and I'll post a link to it from here.  Enjoy!

For more images like this one, check out my Collage Set, a .pdf file in two pages (original and in black and white clip art) on Etsy:  

Dress Ups Collage Sheet Set:  Vintage Shoes